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Our surfboards are individually Hand Made

The Shaper

Phil Myers has been shaping surfboards since 1975 and has been involved in surfing since the tender age of 10. Growing up in the Ballina/Lennox Head area of northern New South Wales on the east coast of Australia he had access some some of the countries best and most uncrowded waves.

Over the years has hand shaped surfboards for labels such as Free Flight, Sea Level, Brothers Neilsen, Local Motion, BEAR, Lennox Underground and some of the surfers who have ridden his designs with great success include Barton Lynch, Danny Wills, Michael Ho, Hans Hederman, Robbie Johnson, Shane Bevan, and Shane Herring.

The recent trend or "retro" surfboards has put Phil in high demand. Here is a excerpt from professional surfer and musician Beau Young (Nat Young's son) in a recent interview
"Another one of my current boards is a 6'8" Phil Myers Single Fin replicated of one of dad's mid 1970's boards. Gold, gold, gold just so well shaped it is impossible to define how well Phil must understand the shaping of these boards of that era."

All our boards are shaped by Phil, using various equipment, from highest quality, white, expanded foam surfboard "blanks"..... so your promotional surfboard is not just some moulded piece of plastic - but created by master craftsman.

The Factory

Once the hand shaping process is finished the boards are transferred to our "glassing room" where the shaped "blanks" are prepared to the fibreglassing process.

Again a hand done process. The boards are spray painted should that be required and a single layer of fibreglass mat is placed over the board and coated with liquid resin. Once dry the other side is coated. Before the 2nd coat of fibreglass and resin the logos and or photos, which are printed onto a special substrate, are positioned on the board and then the second coat of fibreglass is resined into place on both sides.

Then the board is transferred to the "sanding rooms" where excess resin is sanded away by hand and the board is given it's final hand shaping to the contours of the originally shaped blank.

Holes are then drilled for the FCS removable fin systems (or whatever fins system is used) and the board is given it's final finish coat. This clear finish gives the board a great semi gloss finish which resists finger marks. Board can also be given a high gloss polish should this type of finish be required.

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